Monday, September 13, 2010

Picket and demonstration at Northrop Mall at noon on 9/14

The Education Action Coalition MN ( is holding a picket and demonstration to defend public education at the U of M on Tuesday at noon on Northrop Mall at the University of Minnesota. Their demands:

- No budget cuts!
- Decrease tuition, cancel student debt!
- Stop layoffs and program cuts!
- Democratize the U! Elected students, faculty, and campus workers on all decision-making bodies!
- Confront institutional racism! Defend affirmative action and ethnic studies!

The Coalition is raising awareness for Oct. 7 on the U of M campus by bannering, picketing, and handing out tons of leaflets to students. They will also have a camera to interview students as a way to engage them about the particular struggles they are going through with tuition, debt, and increased class sizes.

They'll meet up at this location every Tuesday until the 7th at noon, holding a new and creative action each week. FRPE is working with this Coalition on some events related to October 7, so we encourage people to participate.

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