Thursday, September 16, 2010

The corporate U is no friend to science

Claiming that further "scientific review" is necessary, the U's administration has pulled the plug on a documentary film about sustainable agriculture ... and then clammed up about what the alleged problems with the film are.

Sounds to me like the administration is making it pretty clear that when they say they want to see the U be a place where great research can happen, they only mean research that makes big business happy.


  1. Once again, the University of Minnesota emerges from another bad bout of egg-on-face. No doubt the Morrill Hall Gang had a lot to do with this, because Mr. Wolter does not make decisions like this on his own. He is but the chief flack catcher, pushed to the front to deal with the evil media. If things don't work out right, others can step out of Morrill Hall to 'splain how Mr. Wolter got it wrong...

    Recall the famous words of President Bruininks: "Everything we do at the University of Minnesota is out in the open."

    When will this be true, Mr. President?

  2. And now, according to MPR, "The U's vice president of university relations is married to the owner of a public relations agency whose client is the Minnesota Agri-Growth Council, which supports practices that are apparently criticized in the film. The agency is the same one that was -- until recently -- partly owned by Tom Horner, a candidate for governor." Very fishy indeed: