Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update on FRPE resolutions

The Daily published an excellent piece on the status of the FRPE resolutions that we put forward on March 25.

Our resolutions are essentially dead in the form that they were originally submitted, but the ideas that inspired them are still alive. (See the posting on "Resolution on Progressivity of Compensation Reductions" for an update on the evolution of the Resolution on Salary Reductions.) At the April 20 meeting of the Senate Committee on Finance and Planning, FRPE members presented a proposal that the committee develop a mechanism for undertaking ongoing scrutiny of the University's expenditures, beginning with a review of central administration. We are uncertain whether they will move forward with our recommendations at this time. (See the posting, "FRPE's SCFP Proposal," if you are curious about our recommendations to the SCFP.)

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