Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love New York?....NOT! (Updated)

One day furloughs for sure, and possibly one furlough day per week until the budget is settled. The furloughs are affecting CUNY and SUNY faculty. Luckily for these folks, they have a union that will advocate on their behalf.

“This action on the part of the governor is clearly illegal,” said Kenneth Brynien, the president of the Public Employees Federation, one of several unions that represent state workers in New York. “We have a contract that says that we work all year and make a certain amount of money.”



"A federal judge granted a preliminary injunction on Friday blocking Gov. David A. Paterson from furloughing tens of thousands of state workers.In a strongly worded ruling, the judge, Lawrence E. Kahn of Federal District Court in Albany, said the furloughs were unconstitutional and would irreparably harm the workers by denying them salaries and raises they were entitled to under collective bargaining agreements."

The ruling... "raised the prospect that Mr. Paterson might soon seek to lay off state workers to save money."


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