Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recent reporting on the impact of the budget cuts

The Daily has been publishing some excellent stories on the impact of the budget cuts.

- the impact of cuts on adjuncts and the course offerings of the Department of Music see:

- Save our Schools' and Chop from the Top's People's State of U forum:

- the decline in the proportion of tenure track faculty - the Daily notes that "According to analysis performed by The Minnesota Daily on faculty data obtained from the University Office of Institutional Research, the number of non-tenure-track faculty at the University has increased 15 percent since 2003. This increase has been mirrored by a 20 percent drop in the number of tenure-track faculty. Overall, the University added 409 faculty over the past seven years, but there are only 510 tenure-track faculty now, compared to 559 in 2003."

- The decline noted in the above article is likely to continue--21 professors will be retiring this year. It is doubtful that the U will fill these vacant positions with tenure-track faculty. CLA has already announced that it will leave 40 vacant position open.

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  1. Budget cuts do not appear to have inhibited the Morrill Hall Gang's zeal to create a new kingdom for its cultural czar, however. The Regents are being asked today to commit to an $80 mil re-engineering of Northrop! (Note that this is not just bringing it up to code, which I support and would cost half that.)

    The hyperbole being used to support this project is truly over the top, please see:

    For example:

    "Engaging the people of Minnesota with the world’s leading public figures and change-makers who will challenge us to consider and engage in the most pressing issues of our time."

    "The convening place where the greatest minds in the world routinely share innovative ideas and creative work."

    "Using new technologies to provide a global platform to engage leaders from around the world and connect the University with global audiences."

    Certainly sounds like the writing of OurProvost who earlier said:

    "As many of you realize, we live in a knowledge-based economy in which our fundamental mission as a University must be deployed in service of the broader transnational learning process." Provost Thomas Sullivan, November 19, 2008

    This abomination was signed by:

    Putzenreuter, Sullivan, O'Brien and Rosenston.

    Certainly gives one a lot of confidence in the proposal, doesn't it?