Monday, April 26, 2010

April 22 Open Forum with the Prez

Last week President Bruininks held an open forum to give members of the University community an opportunity to discuss the state of the U with him. This forum was scheduled because his State of the U speech was canceled. A number of FRPE members attended the forum and asked the President some tough questions.

You can view video of the campus forum (in six segments, each about 10 minutes in length, but the quality is not so great--on my player the audio is screwed up but I have a MAC, maybe it will work better on PCs):

The Daily's report on the open forum:

Bill Gleason's commentary on the open forum, in four parts:

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  1. The Gospel According to Robert, Part IV.
    The Apocalypse

    is up on YouTube:

    Wherein the President tap dances around a question from a CLA faculty member about the disconnect between faculty governance and the fact that the administration can and does ignore resolutions approved by the Faculty Senate.