Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's official...

...Stanley Fish is an idiot. He fully embraces the argument made by a couple of raving lunatics--economists/administrators from William & Mary--that new technologies in the classroom are to blame for skyrocketing tuition.

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  1. This is so typical.

    In a way Fish is similar to Mark Bauerlein. Their collective modus operandi is to make some absurd claim and then stand back and watch folks fight over it.

    Sort of reminds me of tossing a hunk of raw meat over the fence into a dog pound and watching the dogs fight over it.

    And trying to blame the tuition increase on technology is a joke. Maybe inappropriate use of technology.

    I've been asked to blog on the Chronicle Brainstorm blog (I know... Ha, ha, ha!) and have already gotten into it with Bauerlein.

    My best,

    Bill Gleason