Monday, June 21, 2010

Video of FRPE at the Regents' Public Forum

The video for the Board of Regents' Public Forum is now available. You can hear the dean of the Carlson School argue that across the board cuts are progressive because those who make more pay more (seriously--I guess such nonsense is what earns her a $400K+ annual salary), the usual admin sycophants, and a few speakers that voice criticism of the administration (see in particular Cherrene Horazuk from AFSCME and Eva von Dassow from FRPE).

The link below has the video of both the Public Forum and the June 10-11 Board of Regents meeting.

If you only have three minutes, then just watch FRPE activist Eva von Dassow deliver her statement.

For the full text of Eva's comments:


  1. For a little commentary on Professor von Dassow's truly outstanding three minutes, please see my post on UThink:

    "Now be honest, do you know what verbigeration is?"


  2. Professor von Dassow's comments have now been viewed more than 400 times on YouTube. Drip, drip, drip...

    Bill Gleason

  3. The short video of Professor von Dassow has gone viral.

    The number of views has exceeded 10,000!

    It has been noticed by Professor PZ Meyers, our colleague at Morris. There have been over 200 comments on his post: It's the faculty who define a university:

    The YouTube video has over eighty comments.

    Another blogger who has picked up on this video is Thorstein Veblen [sic] who blogs from Penn State: "She's On Fire."

    Thanks again to Professor von Dassow for her courage, conviction, and intelligence.

  4. hello,
    you might also want to take a look at these sites related to similar struggles at the University of California:

    and I highly recommend the article "Protest Studies" in The New Yorker - January 2010
    in that particular article there are some important exchanges between the faculty at UC Berkeley and some of the Regents -- and it details some of the challenges in being a "change agent" while working from the inside

    best of luck to you all

  5. Professor von Dassow's video views have exceeded 20,000 (!) on YouTube.

    There have been many, many, complimentary comments. It was featured in Inside Higher Education, in the Times Higher Ed section and on blogs by our own PZ Meyers, Margaret Soltan at GWU, Brian Leiter's influential philosophy blog, Veblen's blog at Penn State and numerous other places.

    Why don't we have a Great Conversation between President Bruininks and Prof von Dassow? Clearly there is a lot of sympathy to her ideas both within and outside of the University.

    No, the Fall great conversation that Bruininks will participate in will have Jonathan Cole - former administrator at Columbia, a wealthy, private, university with little similarity to the University of Minnesota.

    But President Bruininks likes the Cole book because it is sympathetic to his positions and makes the absurd claim that it is relevant to Minnesota.

    Onward with the strategic propaganda initiative, I guess...

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