Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bruininks appeals Legislature for lighter cuts

"If the governor’s recommended cuts go through, University funding from the state would revert back to its 2006 levels." I'm all for getting more money for the U, but I'm still a bit puzzled about why working with the same budget that we worked with four years ago is causing a total financial meltdown. We haven't had raises for a while. Hiring "pauses" are in effect in many colleges. Where is all the money going? "The University is required to submit a detailed budget report to the Legislature outlining its plans for applying possible cuts by March 15." Stay tuned for that report.

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  1. This was magnificent political theater

    and I followed it on twitter.


    Rukavina: I am going to have a hard time making any cuts. We've already made terrible cuts in the past... #UMN

    Rukavina Does tuition subsidize research mission? Pres B. tuition dollars do not subsidize research mission. #UMN

    Admits that state residents more likely to stay if they go to U of M. NOT the policy that is being pursued... #UMN pres B to lege

    Need vision for higher education in Minnesota - Pres B - Needs a covenant with state that lays out mutual responsibilities. #UMN

    I am not hanging crepe, but we have reached our limits. Deeper cuts cannot be passed on to students... Pres B #UMN

    President Bruininks thanks Rep. Rukavina for stimulating him to do something about scholarships at the U of M #UMN

    -------------above tweets from wbgleason-------------

    President Bruininks claimed that debt at graduation for U students was about average for the BigTen, that simply isn't true:

    We lead the Big Ten public universities in this category.

    He also claimed that tuition was not being to used to support other than educational goals. He stated that the cost of out of state tution - in state + $2000/semester - fully covers the cost of education. If this is so, then in state tuition + $2k/semester per student, should cover educational costs. I am sure that the lege gives more than this. Therefore, there is no reason to keep jacking up tuition unless it is being used for other ambitious aspirations.

    Time to come clean, Dr. B? Shortly there will be no other options..

    Dr. Bruininks also made the claim that the fire sale on out of state tuition was not leading to more Minnesotans being squeezed out at the UofM TC campus, although he did admit that the percentage of Minnesota residents has gone down.

    For more on this interesting topic, please see:


    Data from the Wisconsin Provost's Office:

    Non-Resident Tuition
    BigTen Public Universities
    [Academic Planning & Analysis, Office of the Provost, UW-Madison]

    Minnesota $15,293

    Iowa 22,198
    Ohio St. 22,278
    Wisconsin 23,063

    Purdue 25,118
    Indiana 26,160
    Illinois 26,650
    Penn State 25, 946
    Michigan St. 27,781

    Michigan 36,163

    Now these number seem quite remarkable. Why is it that we are charging so much less than our competitors at Iowa and Wisconsin? If you can't compete on quality, compete on price? And apparently Michigan can get away with charging out of state students more than twice what we do. Something does not make sense here...